Welcome to Sempiterna Prosapia est

(Latin for Family is Everything)

This WIKI is dedicated to all the members of the Evans, Jardim and Herbst families. And is intended for all of us to share information, in order for us to build as complete a Family Tree as possible for our families future generations.

This WIKI is hosted free of charge, and as a free service has limited security. Any information displayed on these pages can be viewed by the entire world.
So A WORD OF WARNING before you start!! DO NOT under any circumstance add personal information such your ID number contact details etc.

I have been working on a Evans/Herbst/Jardim and Jackson family trees for a number of years, and I must confess that it has been haphazard at the best of times.
Now as most of you know; our families have spread North, South, East and West all over this world of ours. So what better way to build these family trees than, making use of the technology available, hence the WIKI!

Okay, okay eneough of the small talk lets get on with building this WIKI fort our families. I have created a separate page for each of the families, which can be accessed from the Family Listing below.

:-) don't be afraid to make changes and add neew pages, the WIKI engine keeps a history of pages and ghe changes made o we can always refer to the previous version if necessary.
Family Listing